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I have beome aware of a very deep system of interaction between the stars,planets and Earth.The ancients believed the Earth was the centre of the universe-note,they didn't say everything revolved around it.The Zodiac although thousands of light years across,has at it's centre the Earth and Moon,which is a delicately balanced arrangement for human existence.The Moon appears to be the "image" of the Sun-it's "opposite" roughly speaking.It is the same size as the Sun viewed from Earth and the Sun is i think 1/360th of the sky radius.
The Egyptians had some very fundamental insights into the workings of nature and the dimensions of the Pyramids are good evidence supporting this.To look at the calculations really is a dead giveaway that their religeon,however weired it became,was nevertheless initially based on this;analogous to our own highly advanced,highly corrupt culture..

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