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Hi all!

I'm really puzzled by these shafts. Acording to Graham's theory these shafts point towards 2500BC because at this time they would line up with ao. Osiris. As I stated before I cannot believe a building time of 8000 years (ie. 10500BC - 2500BC).
Follow me on this one:

- The IMAGE of a lion (sphinx) points towards the constellation of a lion
- The IMAGE of Orion (the Giza plateau) points towards the
constellation of Orion
---> both point towards 10,500 BC

The shafts however just line up with 2,500 BC. They don't represent a pattern in the sky? Could there not be a different possibility? Only considering where the shafts point at seems to be to easy.. Maybe (speculation) the shafts and tunnels in the GP form an image that is represented in the sky ?? Maybe that's were the shafts should be lined up against? Maybe we are not looking hard enough?
Even if the shafts line up with 2500 BC...what's the point of this message? Graham suggest that at this date the pyramids were finished...Why go through such lengths just to pass this message?
10,500 BC message: Something terrible happened that whiped out a civilasation
2,500 BC message: We finished building the GP.

It just doesn't seems right to me...Am I missing something? (Comon sense?
Thoughts? Comments?

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