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Would be the Water Lily rather than the Lotus, Nymphaea sp. rather than Nelbumo sp., the later being as in the "Hindu Lotus".
Possible that part of what they saw in the Water Lily for medicine was just bioflavonoid, anthocyanin, or maybe some more obscure anti-oxidant, maybe related to the process of filling up it's air bladders to stay to afloat. I'm sure they were so stuck on the Water Lily for a very good reason, or twenty reasons, but I would still wonder if it's been explored much. Supposed to be some containers, listed as "paint pots" I think, that may be preparations made from the blue Water Lily, may focus on the pigment. Found it interesting but hard to muddle through the scant info.

Some talk about the Water Lily being a cult hallucinogen, William Emboden wrote on that for example if I recall, but I think that's merely speculation. Parts of the Water Lily are clearly listed as a famine food. I don't think a hallucinogen would make a good famine food. Fuzzy may be pretty close, maybe the aporphinoid alkaloids in the Water Lily if they're present in relevent amounts are more like naltrexone or something than narcotics or hallucinogens. I also wouldn't make too much of a "sacramental cult" thing out of mummy cocaine; in Peru coca may be used much less as an extravangant abuse and more like we'd use caffiene maybe, at least much more moderate use seems pretty characteristic in the here and the now perhaps. There are also antabusives known to some of the shamans in Peru, but not much appearance I've seen of the kind of emphasis on them that would imply the sort of problems that would come with decadence.

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