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At one level the Tree of Life glyph is a graphic representation of the story or legend of the soul's journey from the heavens to the earth and back, based on the Greek notion that 'we' come from and return to the stars.

Personally I believe that this is just another poetic version of the ashes to ashes dust to dust notion. You know, like everything is everything. Did you hear about the Buddha in NYC who asked the Coney Dog salesman to make him 'One with Everything'?

In the Ancient World there were seven 'planets', Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon , that were listed that way since this is supposedly the order that the soul takes on it's journey to the 'sub-lunar' plane (the earth).

Note that many of the symbols in the Ancient Mysteries pertain to this journey that we call incarnation. The number used varies depending on how many spheres or levels that people decide to use. For instance, if we take the seven and add the stars at he top and earth at the bottom, we get nine spheres.

When you read about the structure of the different Mystery Schools, you will see that they feature seven or nine steps. If we add the Throne of God at the top we get 10 spheres like the Tree of Life.

On the tree 1 is the Throne, 2 the zodiac, 3 is Saturn, 4 is Jupiter, 5 Mars, 6 (at the center) is the Sun, 7 is Venus, 8 Mercury, 9 the Moon, and 10 is the earth. Up the middle from the bottom we see the earth, Moon and Sun.

The name of God (HWHY) adds to 26, the sum of the middle pillar is 26 (1+6+9+10).

If you know your astrology, you will remember that the zodiac signs are all 'ruled' by a planet, and that in moving from Saturn, to Jupiter to Mars, we are moving from the outer planets inward, and are working our way backwards through the signs.

Saturn rules Capricorn, Jupiter rules Sagittarius, Mars rules Scorpio, Venus Libra and Mercury Virgo. The sun ,that rules Leo, was depicted as being pulled across the sky by four horses, those being the planets closest to the sun, Merc, Venus, Mars and Jup.

In Revelation Chapter 6, the four horses are these four planets, and all of the bodies in the ancient system are mentioned in that chapter but Saturn.

The first image is a horse/man with a bow (Sag) that is given a crown (ruled by Jupiter). The next is a red horse (Scorpio) and the rider is given a sword (Mars)- although it doesn't say scorpions there, it does say power, and in 9:3 we read "power, like the scorpions of the earth have power". Since we are moving backwards the next sign wouldbe Libra, and we see a black horse and a pair of scale (symbolic of the equinox at the beginning of Libra). The last horse is followed by Death and Hell, which is Virgo ruled by Mercury the soul's guide, who holds the cadeusus, sign of the medical profession.

Later in the chapter both the sun and moon are mentioned then we see the imagery that says "the stars of the heaven fell to earth". This, of course is a restatement of the Legend.

The Virgo is the second largest constellation. The longest is the Hydra which is over 90 degrees long. These two 'stand' next to each other in the sky. If you took Biology in school you may have seen a hydra, which is a multi-headed creature that will grow new body parts if you cut it in half.

In Rev 12 we read of a great wonder in the heaven, a woman with the sun and moon at her feet, and a multiheaded beast in front of her. This is the Virgo and Hydra.

In the DC map, we see several circles but on sphere 4 we see Mt Vernon Square (as in 4 sides). Also the National Archives Building falls at sphere 7 ruled by Libra, as in books and libraries, and it is located at 700 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Each sphere on the tree is associated with a number, a planet, a sign and keywords. In some versions the tree is conceptualized as three columns - the extremes of which are mercy and severity, while the middle pillar is balance, harmony or beauty. If you look at a picture of Osiris or a pharoah you will see him depicted with a shepard's crook on his left shoulder and a flail on his right shoulder - another depiction of the sidedness of mercy and severity, and a tree as is the djed.

Sphere 6, at the center of the tree, is ruled by the sun, at the center of our system. Two of the symbols associated with this sphere are the cube and the truncated pyramid. In the DC map, the pentagram truncates the top of the triangle/pyramid and the hexagram forms a cube around the White House.

The number of the sphere correlates to the magic square for that number. For instance, the magic square of Sat has a 3x3 grid, as Sat is at sphere 3. Jup s 4, Mars 5 etc.

The magic square of the sun (at sphere 9) is a 6 x 6 grid of the first 36 numbers that totals to 666. That is a Solar Number (see anything by John Mitchell). In Kings we read that Solomon took in 666 measures of gold in 12 months - a solar reference. That number is mentioned twice in the KJV but not as a number (666).

You will also see that the shape of the sign associated with the planet for any sphere 'looks like' the number for that sphere. The easiest to see is 4 and Jupiter. The earth is a cross in a circle, and if you move the upright line to the left and remove the horizontal line we get the number 10. Moving the cross-bar in the Saturn sign yields a 3. Mars yields 5 and Mercury 8.

Adding the curve of the cresent moon to the circle of the sun yields both 6 and 9 and the sign for Cancer and an Alesteir Crowley chapter in the Book of Lies about 'the gift of tongues' and how the Great Work is done in silence. (Tantric reference for readers.)


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