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Well, maybe we've got to start thinking less earthling, but more from a cosmic citizens pov...

"In 2000, Russian biophysicist Dr. Simon E. Shnoll published his 30 years life work in a famous Russian physics journal that proves that planetary motions create disturbances in the vacuum that affects both living and inanimate processes on Earth. He found that fluctuations in biological and chemical processes and even radioactive decay, occur in cycles that correspond with the celestial movements of our planets. Shnoll studied the noise data in the histograms of many phenomena and discovered that this noise is not random at all and that these fluctuations keep pace with the celestial orbits of our planets. The coherent noise in totally unrelated phenomena prove that there is a collective cause for all these fluctuations.

It’s important to notice that mainstream western science cannot explain how totally independent processes such as biological, chemical and physical processes can be simultaneously reacting coherent to outside influences that correspond with the motion of our planets. If we accept that physical matter is not made out of hard marbles called atoms, but in reality are vortexes in the ether, the same medium that our torsion wave travels through, we can start to see and understand how torsion waves are able to affect many things in our material reality. Torsion waves originating from our planets, the Sun and the cosmos affect all biological life on Earth as well. The Sun is by far the strongest torsion wave generator in our Solar System and all by itself has an immense influence.

David Wilcock even believes that torsion waves may be responsible for the spontaneous extinctions of existing life forms and speciation of new ones on Earth that took place many times in evolution, causing these quantum leaps in evolution and the missing links in the fossil records. The torsion field, what Ervin Laszlo’s has coined the A-field and Rupert Sheldrake the morphogenetic field, may be the true carrier of DNA information. David Wilcock suggests that the DNA’s morphogenetic field was already present in the vacuum even before the life forms that emerged from them existed on Earth. He believes that the morphogenetic fields are the precursors of biological evolution." []


"The unseen forces are greater than the seen" Edgar Cayce

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