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I don't understand Collins' ideas. He says there may be something about high-speed cosmic rays from one particular stellar point source (in this case, Cygnus X-3) being responsible for evolutionary changes in humans because they're fast enough to penetrate deep into the Earth.

What is the correlation? If a cosmic ray strikes a particular part of a gene, it can damage it and that genetic 'flaw' can, if the gene is in a reproductive cell, be passed on to offspring. No argument there; I think most mainstream scientists have believed that radiation is a big if not the big factor in mutation.

And I think just about everyone agrees that 99.999 percent of these mutations are either useless or lethal; only a very few result even in the offspring being born; fewer still will have enabled that particular ofspring to better exploit the environment, which makes the mutation a "survival-prone" or "beneficial' one.

But I don't understand what it is about the particular energy source from Cygnus X-3 that could drive "good' as opposed to 'bad' mutations. If a high speed particle hits a gene, a mutation might occur. What does the energy source (or, for that mattrer, the energy level) have to do with whether or not that mutation is a positive one?

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