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"One I have recently read about is the possibility of cosmic rays having some kind of impact on our dna."

Hi C.A,

Yes, cosmic rays may very well affect life on earth;

By Scott LaFee
June 7, 2006

Among working astronomers, Aden and Marjorie Meinel are synonymous with the science. For almost three-quarters of a century, the married couple have helped not only to better see the universe – Aden has designed, built and operated telescopes and observatories around the world – but also to explain it: Certain bands of light seen in auroras are called Meinel bands.

Marjorie and Aden Meinel A new theory suggests cosmic radiation from the Cat's Eye nebula forced the hand of human evolution.
But after decades of focusing their attentions skyward, the Meinels – now in their 80s – are grappling with a question that seems, at first light, to be far, far away from astronomy. Namely: Why did modern humans and other species emerge some 40,000 years ago?

Their answer: Cosmic radiation, which the Meinels will elaborate on June 20 in a noon public lecture at the University of San Diego, part of the annual meeting of the Pacific Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

“Paleoanthropologists kind of gasp at the idea,” said Aden. “The idea of cosmic rays significantly affecting early hominids and other species is pretty dramatic, but there's some really compelling evidence to support the idea. It's a totally new factor to be considered.” []

The Earth climate and life evolution exposed by cosmic radiation and secular variation of geomegnetic field.
Kuznetsov V.V., Kuzetsova N.D
Institute of Space Physics Research, Kamchatka, Russia

And ofcourse the latest theory by Andrew Collins, Cygnus X-3;

"Cosmic radiation might easily have contributed to changes in human behaviour, or even sudden accelerations in human evolution, especially during the Palaeolithic age, when cave art, cosmology, astronomy, intellect and possibly even transatlantic travel emerged for the first time. However, this would have been a subtle process that took place over countless generations, and away from the harsher influence of indiscriminate cosmic rays bombarding the planet's surface from a host of different point sources. More likely is that low level radiation, like that experienced by health seekers in radon mines today, was actually beneficial to the human body and mind, especially hundreds of metres underground where we know cosmic rays from Cygnus X-3 are able to penetrate.

Ice cores from Summit, Greenland, and Vostok, Antarctica, at the other end of the earth, show that levels of Beryllium-10, a radioactive substance created as a by product of cosmic ray interaction in the upper atmosphere, were more than double towards the end of the Last Ice Age, with massive peaks of activity around firstly c.40,000-37,000 BP and then again c.17,000-14,000 years ago. Was at least a percentage of these cosmic rays derived from Cygnus X-3? Did Cygnus X-3 help accelerate human evolution, c. 17,000-15,000 years ago, and arguably even earlier?"

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