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Merrell -

I've been thinking about your observation "A structured world-view of this sort is more likely to be derived from Western thought rather than from the mythical thought of a native African people such as the Dogon." and it has bearing for me in two ways on my view of the Dogon and this new evidence.

First, I realize that I could hardly have come up with a better way of affirming that the Dogon cosmological view could well have come legitimately from the Dogon to Griaule, rather than the other way around, than to turn up a second culture in possession of the same information, who Griaule was not in a position to have influenced.

Second, like many of the ancient cultures, the Dogon attribute their cosmology to knowledgeable ancestor/teachers. I agree that the Dogon have an inexplicably advanced cosmological view, and see this as evidence that they and other cultures may have told us the truth in this regard.

In pursuit of this, my next book deals with a similar claim - that of the Egyptians that their written language was given to them by ancestor/gods. In it, I use Dogon cosmology as a kind of new Rosetta Stone to demonstrate that the Egyptian Hieroglyphic language is a designed language, one that is directly reflective of and actually expands upon many of the Dogon cosmological references.

Although that might seem like a formidable task, in fact once you understand what you're doing, many of the unnoticed conventions of the language which show it to have been both deliberately designed and based on science can be illustrated with a single word. Of course, these same conventions play out in dozens and dozens of other words, many of which align directly with key Dogon cosmological words.

- Laird

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