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During our exchange of e-mails on the subject, I offered to co-announce the findings with Professor Van Beek, so as to effectively allow him to be a source rather than a target of the findings. But he has not responded, either to the evidence itself or to the offer to co-report it.

In "The Pale Fox", Griaule and Dieterlen cite a number of informants from various related tribes, and specifically say that they incorporated testimony from these other tribes, sometimes including minority opinions, so as to produce what amounts to a concensus of Dogon thought.

However, I can show that what Griaule reported includes all of the key elements of a wholly coherent, valid, and well-documented cosmological form, and so could not have been the product of simple fabrication by either the Dogon priests or Griaule. It would be like producing the hat, gloves and sweater to a matching winter set - the various aspects of Dogon cosmology that Griaule reports specificially go together, and the pattern they match belongs to an esoteric tradition much like Griaule reports, wherin the deep knowledge is held as private information by the most knowledgeable few.

The matching pattern is also one that has apparentlly gone entirely unrecognized for fifty years (since Griaule's death) by any West African anthropologist, and so is highly unlikely to have been known by Griaule. My source for the information was published more than twenty years after Griaule's death.

This really only leaves us with two possibilities: That somehow, Griaule knew the initimate details of the matching system and inexplicably and falsely presented it whole as if it were Dogon cosmology, or that the Dogon priests were truthful with Griaule and have simply lied to later researchers to protect their tribal secret.

- Laird

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