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The link that you sent me to says:


Another misunderstanding is that Heyerdahl was suggesting that the Egyptians were traveling the world in giant reed boats and spreading their special brand of culture everywhere they went. The usual limits of Egyptian seafaring are well-recognized with most ships plying the Nile, the Eastern Mediterranean and occasional forays down the Red Sea. There is little to suggest that the Egyptians themselves were great ocean navigators in Pharaonic times.14

The fact that the Ra vessels were greatly inspired by Egyptian designs has also added to the confusion of some. Why the predominantly Egyptian design? Because it is in Egypt that there is a relative abundance of surviving depictions of such boats with sufficient detail to serve as the basis for a modern replica. Tomb art and an occasional model from Dynastic times provide some details, albeit of small size primarily for river use. The idea that much larger reed boats were in use at one time is, as previously stated, promoted by pre-Dynastic rock art and ceramic motifs and also by surviving features evident on later papyriform wooden ships including the so-called solar boat of Cheops excavated at Giza.

You might note that reference 14 is a source written by a Ra crew member himself. I've seen other members of the expedition say the same thing.

I don't accept Cayce as evidence btw....

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