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Hi Cintia,

> The links that I sent to Kat was a reply for her
> message:"Egyptian boats were not strong enough for oceanic
> voyages."

Oh, I see ...

> The date found in mummies I saw in a documentary in the
> discovery channel that said that egyptian mummies were found
> with coca and Peruvian were found with date palm seeds.

Well, I saw the original Cocaine Mummies documentary in the UK some years back, and I don't recall any mention of Peruvian mummies being found with date palm seeds. Even a Google search hasn't produced anything.

> When I sent the links about navigation of Egypt was to
> sent information because I do not remember the name of the
> documentary but I do remeber that was about the trades between
> ancient civilisation and mummies.

Yes, I remember the documentary that was shown here. But it's been demonstrated since that there could be many other scientific explanations for the residues found in the Egyptian mummies. It's very unlikely that there was any direct connection between ancient Egypt and South America.

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