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I remember when I first came to the boards about a year ago, that someone had mentioned something about all Mayan Priests wearing a mirror with which to read the special words .. which were similar to or identical with the words of ... and here I forget, and I apologize because this is the crux of the matter and I cannot remember which language it was that was written in reverse.

It is a worldly wise high priest who institutes such a practice.
{Not unlike the sky burials of Tibet where no scrap of DNA is left.}

Hopefully one of the mods or maybe Kim could put you on the track of the missing info.

I remember one of the participants said of linguistics "and this is where it gets really dicey" in one of the posts in that thread.

In another post some months later, it was said that the "Maya" were the teachers of Atlantis, but I don't know which thread that was. But here the word "Maya" actually meant teacher. This may be from something channeled, like E. Casey.

Beware the Adze!
Beware the land it came from.
... ... ...
That chisel of metal ~bi3 n pt~
With which he opened the mouths of the gods.

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