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Here's the hard evidence (once and for all) that well trained egyptologists and archaeologists have. Anyone who dares to question it is a fraud. 1)The 3 pyramids were built by Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure - it's a private cemetery.The Inventory Stela is a joke. It indicates that the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid were built long before Khufu, but obviously ancient egyptians had a sense of humour and made the stela to confuse future generations. Or , if that's not too convincing we can always say that they were plain stupid and didn't know what they were writing. 2)Pyramids were built as tombs - and tombs only. Not even one body was ever found there ( the 3 pyramids) but obviously someone must have removed dead pharaohs (Caliph Al-Ma'mun possibly). The same goes for the pots,vases,statues,shrines and whatever else was buried with them. Absence of the inscriptions, decorations and ritual spells could be explained by laziness of the workers. 3)Sphinx wasn't built before Sahara became a desert. It was built when it was hot like hell , so everyday workers would wet it with tons of water from their buckets to keep it cool. Hence the water weathering. The bucket water idea was patented by Khufu. 3)The shafts are purely decorative and serve no purpose. Whoever patented that idea remains unknown. Anyone who wonders why only selective facts are outlined here should be aware that I learnt from the best - the BBC Horizon team. Certain facts have been censored . Whatever suits me. Julia

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