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It was always thought Chinese maths were wrong because it said 5 squares constructed the earth, and movements of the heavens. but now it seems they were right.

The Yellow and Lo River Maps, out of which all civilization is said (in the Yijing) to flow, are both made-up of an arrangement of light and dark numbers. The Yellow River is said to work within, while the Lo River works without - as the Yellow River or Ho Tu has to be undone first, and only then is the Lo River or Magic Square of Cronus opened.

In the I Ching by Wilhelm the only clues given as to how the maths of the Maps works, is a list of numbers from 1 to 10 called Heaven and Earth, and other statements in the readings telling that Heaven and Earth are the 2 original trigrams, who as the father and mother give birth to their 6 children (3 sons and 3 daughters). The original trigram of Heaven with 3 unbroken light lines matches all the odd numbers, and Earth with 3 broken lines all even numbers, and when one looks at the Yellow River Map it also contains 10 values set together in the cardinal directions as light and dark pairings.

In the North 1 goes with 6, south 7 goes with 2, east 3 to 8, west 9 to 4, plus there is a central set of values of 5 to 10. The central values are found to be how the progression of the maps works, as firstly all the values in the Ho Tu have a difference of 5 between them, and the progression of 10's is found when all the pairing are placed together as oppoosite light and dark hexagrams or cubes.

A simple way to fit the pairs of original trigrams together is to just multiple their values by the amount of the 3 lines they contain, so Heaven 1 is 1+2+3=6, and Earth 6 (its partner) is 6+12+18=36, so all the values that open the Ho Tu are x 6. The 6 children are made-up of all possible cominations of binary trigrams or triangles, and so, each can be given its correct place in the trigram sequence by cross-referencing the position of each's light or dark lines to back to the father and mother - an example can be trigram Li that has an unbroken line at the bottom = 1, a broken liine in the middle = 12, and a unbroken line at the top = 3 so Li = 1+12+3 =16. So all the trigram values in Heaven 1 to Earth 6 progress as +5, as 6, 11, 16, 21, 21, 26, 32, 36.

When the trigrams are placed at right angles to each other, or their values are doubled, one gets an 8 x 8 square, or a list of hexagrams with a sequence of value of their own, and all light and dark binary opposites are symmetrically placed in the square, and also between all outer 4 squares: And as one may have noticed, each of the values placed opposite to one another start with a light (odd) and then dark (even), as Heaven 1 and Earth 6 in the north is opposite to 2 to 7 in the south, so the south square starts its trigram sequence with Earth.

When one gets all the values of the trigrams in the Ho Tu, there are 40 light and 40 dark that progress from 6 to 534, so symmetrically the total is 540, and the total of each line of values has an average or central value of 2160, and likewise this is the central value of all four outer 8 x 8 squares of cubes.

In each of the 4 squares the pairings of hexagrams has a central values, for even though each hexagram has a different values, all opposite light and dark pairs add-up to the same value. In Heaven 1 to Earth 6, the hexagram Ch'ien (Heaven) = 12, and K'un (Earth) = 72, so its total is 84, 7 to 2 = 108, 3 to 8 = 132, and 4 to 9 = 156. and this gives a total of 120 light + 120 dark or 240. So when we find all the opposite values in the outer 4 squares one can add them together to make the inner central 5th square of values, and the total then becomes 360.

It is the values of the 40 light and 40 dark produce an amount of hexagrams 8 x 8 x 8 and these give the workings of the second Lo River Map. When the values of the Ho Tu are placed in the Lo Shu one finds the exact number of years in Precession 12,960 light and 12,960 dark. To see exactly how this works in practice go to:-

[] click on earlyheaven - Origins - Ho Tu and Lo Shu, or go to:-

[] go to blog 'Discovery of a link between Ho Tu and Lo Shu' - there are links to my own site on both sites.

It is best that this mathematical process is kept to its simplest for now, but in my postings I hint at deeper workings of the values in the Maps and hexagrams.

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