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Dr. E,

I understand what you mean, and at times I get the feeling also that Graham overdoes it concerning prominent scholars like Dr. Hawass. The main thing i believe is that Graham has gone through quite a lot of jibing and condemnation from these people that are at the top of their field. They have worked hard to reach there granted, but I think Graham has such an enmity withthem due to their unwillingness to allow Graham to conduct investigations etc. When this happens, one can only assume that the person you are dealing with is narrow-minded and unwilling to allow one to search for evidence literally.

Of Kate Spence, I don't think the matter would have precipitated such if Spence had been one of those against Bauval's theory, yet having come up with something so much similar. I would think it confounds the mind that what you have been studying for so many years and have been rejected for so many would find that your idea has been taken by one who rejected them as her own, and be publicly acclaimed of it.

Try to put yourself in that situation, and you might think the ways that Graham and Bauval are being really vehement at this apparent stealing on their side (again you have to put yourself in their situation and belief) to be logical and might even sympathize.

To note, there is indeed a lot of pressure from peer review journals not to publish stuff that goes against conventional theory. I am an MSc student and have been told by lecturers in a few courses relating to the GM food scare in England that articles addressing the unknown effects of GM manipulation were turned down by ultimatums and threats from prominent GM scientists to the journal editor. Another case is the word of a lecturer here of being on the edge of science - being shied away from.

While I hear all of these and admittedly do not bring in hard evidence of its existence, the constant notion of this throughout science history shows that it cannot just be lies instigated to claim fame.

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