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Appreciated your comments.

I agree that we should continue to question established opinions, methods etc. and we should always be open to new ideas. If those ideas become supported by definite evidence that contradicts the established opinion then the matter should be thoroughly debated and if need be the established view should be changed to accomodate the new evidence.

My bone of contention is the lack of objectivity within GHs work and his apparent lack of scientific method. I also object to the complete lack of respect GH has with academia which basically translates to a disrespect of anyone that disagrees with his ideas.

I am disgusted by the slurs placed on Kate Spence, Mark Lehner and Zawi Hawass (spelling?) by GH, RB and visitors to this site. Yet when GH finds an academic that supports his point of view/theory their professional status is shouted from the rooftops. I find that completely unprofessional and I only ask that sufficient respect be given by GH, RB and everyone else here towards these highly educated people who are only trying to do their jobs to the best of their ability.


Dr E

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