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Dr E,

There you go again with those sweeping generalisations :-

"Apparently nobody here is interested in gaining an education you are far more concerned with speculating about mysteries"

Gaining an education from you ?
What make you more qualified to educate than anyone else here ?
What makes your point of view more valid ?

Are you suggesting that nothing in this forum is based on anything factual ? If so think again.

"C14 dating in and around the Giza complex indicates the presence of an active civilisation around the 3rd millenium BC."

What you acually mean is :-

C14 dating of 'artifacts' located in the 'vicinity' of the Giza complex 'MAY' indicate the presence of an active civilisation around 3rd Millenium BC.

Whilst some members of the forum may be more open minded and more speculative than others, most of us have a good understanding of the principles being expressed. If you are really a man of science, then you would know that the classic orthordox, reductionist, Scientific method only verges on objectivity at the best of times. Most is only thinly veiled with true objectivity, subjective at the core.

Here we tend to favour a more Holistic and multi-disciplinary approach (i.e. Multiple scientific disciplines working together). An example of which is West & Schoch's work on the spinx re-dating. Without the fresh insight and knowledge this would remain unknown. Just think of how much more we might have known if this kind of approach had been taken from the outset!

Only with a number of scientists from different disciplines working together, can we build up a true picture of the processes, events and synergistic relationships that have taken place.

I'm sure you'll find a comment in response to this so I'll stop now.


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