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In a word then


My objectives have been entirely fruitless. I only sought to educate. Apparently nobody here is interested in gaining an education you are far more concerned with speculating about mysteries. I don't profess to be an expert in anything and don't expect you to regard me so.

>>Please site an Egyptological/Archaeological fact, or site a theory, then prove it.

C14 dating in and around the Giza complex indicates the presence of an active civilisation around the 3rd millenium BC. C14 is an established dating method respected by archaeologists around the world.

Now you can agree with Graham and dispute this evidence as much as you wish but C14 dating is currently regarded as the most consistently reliable technique available to the modern scientist.

>>By the way, I take acception to your purpose, not your character. I far as I can summize, your purpose defines your character. By all means tell me/show me something different, and maybe I can judge you in a new light. Until then, your character remains unproven.

I don't seek to prove my character - you can take me as is. If you don't like what you see here I really do not care.


Dr E

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