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Dr E,

It's not irrational, as you put's just difficult. But we're getting there. It's easy to understand how many people of the orthodox persuasion fear the change in view of history so much that they'll dismiss new ideas based solely on a subliminal emotion rather reasoning and common sense.

What IS irrational is your raison d'aitre on this board. Your agenda is simply two things:

1. To incite malevolence,and
2. To get a kick out of doing it.

Although you have the freedom to express what you will, you certainly don't understand what a debate is. I'm sorry, you don't. Here we are.....talking about semantics. Just the way you like it.

I've dealt with your type many times before my good man, and quite honestly I find you repulsive, repetitive in your literary execution, and outright insecure. (My apologies to the moderator).

You lack a professional attitude, sir, and this in turn destroys your purpose. Ask yourself:

"Does my two-step agenda (noted above) refute Graham's, Robert's, etc. theories?"

By all means, present proof that does. I think that's all Graham and other's have asked for. The work they have done is in earnest and is meant to be taken seriously, regardless of academic status. Furthermore, peer review in the professional field doesn't include ridicule and badgering for the sake of enjoyment. It does nothing to further a demolition, as it were, of new ideas, nor does YOUR approach in this medium.

You are fighting a losing battle. Swordless and blindfolded to boot.


R. Avry Wilson

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