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Oh boy, did Robert's "open letter" liven up our tea-time earlier.. Bravo Robert!! All you wrote, so right - & if you'd been here you'd have gotten one big bear-hug from me at least, hehe! I especially enjoyed the quotes from "The Experts Speak", brilliant,& of course,there's loads more such examples. (And coincidence or what...all this on the same day & just moments earlier, I'd been reading up more on the appallingly flawed University of York's so-called "study" re fluoridation of water supplies. Aptly dubbed:"The Greatest "Scientific" Fluoride Fraud Yet!". i.e. merely a study of studies, with no new research whatsoever & full of coverups, lies & misinformation).And on it goes... anyway, it's anybody's right to know the truth, & there ain't nothing wrong with enquiring minds.
Yeah, you sure said it right Robert!!
the best,

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