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As a recent convert to this site who has been familier with the works of Graham hancock and Robert bauval for about 3 years only, I wondered if anyone had purhcased a book recently published by a Welsh Egyptologist (Sorry can't remember her name) who has written about 2 19th century discoveries of Egyptian style buriels in Wales that the British Establishment has kept quiet and the discovery of an Egyptian style boat in the Humber estuary of England.

These discoveries have been dated to the end of the second millennium BC (1100 bc) I think. They could be related to the exile of an Egyptian princess who is said to have travelled from Egypt following the death of her father the then Pharoah.

If anyone has come across this book and has an opinion I would be pleased to read what they have to say, as I have not yet been able to get to the shops to buy a copy.



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