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the subject of this post is the title of a book i've recently been reading that advances some powerful theories concerning the origin of druidism and its relationship to the other religions of the ancient world- the Hindus, the Jews, the Phoenicians, greeks, and others.

the number of similarities born between the various myth structures of all these religions is exemplefied in the myth of Osiris and his murder by his brother Typhon , as well as his resurrection by his sister Isis. Standard stuff if you've been reading Graham's work lately.

What is interesting is that in this book, the Phoenicians assume a much larger role than the one history has been giving them, and one i feel they strongly deserve. they are depicted as world travelers and traders...

but enough of that.

one of the theories posited is that , during the building of the Temple of Solomon, 'architects' from all over the known world assembled in Israel to help with its construction. These architects, or maybe pre-Masons, held King Solomon in high regard as one of three of the world's Master Masons, and possessor of a special knowledge of something called 'the lion's paw' ...

what this reveals is that Solomon, long known to be an initiate of the highest order, knowledgeable in the Qabala and many other esoteric sciences-

was also one of the pre-eminent masons in the ancient world.

ahh i haven't worded any of this correctly at all. go find the book for yourself it's pretty good.

more to come!

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