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this is my first posting to the message board. I've done a search on this particular topic, and it doesn't appear to have been discussed before, but apologies in advance if I`m just bringing up an issue that has already been discussed.

One of the major ideas discussed in "Keepers of Genesis" is that the Giza monuments are are physical representation of the fifth division of the Duat. Specifically, the apparent similarities between the passageways in the Great Pyramid and those illustrated in images of the fifth division, and the proximity and positioning of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid and their correlation to the "pyramidical" depiction of the fifth division.

The visual parallels are clear, but there appears to be one major discrepancy, in that the depictions of the fifth division contain two sphinxes, whereas there is only one know Sphinx on th Giza plateau. This appears, at least to me, highly unusual in light of the fact that traditionally Sphinxes were used in pairs when guarding Egyptian monuments.

Therefore, logic would dictate that if the Giza plateau is in some way a physical representation of the Fifth Division of the Duat, then there should be a second Sphinx somewhere on the Giza plateau. Unfortunately, I don`t have my copy of "KoG" with me at the moment, but my extrapolating from the images of the fifth division, it should be possible to fairly accurately determine where on the Giza plateau this second Sphinx should be located.

If a second Sphinx were to be found then this would be extremely strong evidence in support for the Giza as Duat hypothesis.

Any comments on this suggestion?


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