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The trouble with the system you invented is that it did not exist previously.

On January 1st, 8 BC the Roman Senate changed the calendar year to what we have today. When they did that they changed six of the 12 Months which puts the four 30 days months in the positions of the calendar we now find them. This placed the Star of David in the calendar from the Zodiac perspective. That star is what the 3-Magi followed to Jurasalem.

Two years from that date, as the Magi declared to King Herod, Christ was circumcised on January 1st, 6 BC.

I personally believe (though I personally am a Christian) that the Roman Empire created Christianity from the Jewish record. It may well be that the Greek and Roman empires are creations of the Egyptian dynasties and in turn they created Christianity.

The point I am making is that I point to data that existed long before I existed. The data is consistent with known records.

To critique this data in the manner in which you do seems to satisfy you but for what purpose do you put it on the forum?

Graham Hancock wrote that data in his book. He did not see the relationship nor do I believe did he know of it. I placed something on the forum that appears to confirm his arguments and you want to trash it without a critical argument.

If you gave an argument as to why these four numbers grouped together are meaningless then show some data other than what you have done.

The fact that I was able to quote others in their research (Bonnie Gaunt) should demonstrate that all of this is not coming just from me. Are you dismissive of all such evidence? If so you can not be reached with academic debate.

Bill Meegan

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