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Peter K.

I would assume based upon the almost universal use of the KAMEA OF SATURN (Lo Shu in China) that it was the decimal system that was dominant in Mexico. This is said known there will be those that will object.

I don't say that because I am bias to my own culture but rather because other monuments have proven to use the decimal system. I've often wonder whether different systems were interchangeable within other culture, which would symbolically allow for the use of other mathematical systems. That is an analytical problem for professional mathematicians.

Example would be Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval work "Mystery of the Sphinx". Here they give the raw data in inches as to the length, width, and height of the King, Queen, and Subterranean chambers. That data which they obviously obtained from other sources was in feet and inches.

That data they provided allowed me to write the article I placed on the internet called: "THE GREAT PYRAMID'S THREE CHAMBERS: Monuments to the Squareroot of #2".


Now I am aware that the Egyptians used what was called a cubit but I don't believe that would negate the premise that they were orientating these chambers with feet and inches.

If you read my article you will see that the 3/dimensional space state is what I am concerned with here: height, width, length.

Carl Munck who does the world grid on all the monuments of mankind uses the decimal system. The data is too consistent around the world to be ignored.


Bill Meegan

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