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I want to tell you the joy I receive in reading your works. I especially appreciate your inclusion of mathematical data whenever possible.


In HEAVEN’S MIRROR, pages #23 & #24, you talk about the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan. You write,
“We have seen that the principal axis of the city, the Way of the Dead, is deliberately offset 15 degrees and 30 minutes to the east and west of true north-south. The explanation of this offset is not to be found in the Way of the Dead itself but in Teotihuacan’s dominant structure, the Pyramid of the Sun, which was built with its west face oriented 15 degrees and 30 minutes north of due west and its east face oriented 15 degrees and 30 minutes south of due east. The trajectory of the Way of the Dead, in other words, is determined by the orientation of the west face of the Pyramid of the Sun.
“This orientation is not random. It targets the point of sunset on the western horizon on two astronomically significant days, 19 May and 25 July - the only two days of the year on which, at noon, the sun passes through the zenith vertically overhead at the latitude of Teotihuacan (19.5 degrees north of the equator).” Your footnote here gives credit to Peter Tompkins’ work, Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids.
Let me tell what I did with this data not knowing anything about it until reading it in your book. The 19.5 degree reference may well have peaked my interest especially in light of Hoagland’s mentioning of it being a point in the geological aspect of every heavenly orb in solar system.
As you probably realized in order to have two such significant dates (19 May & 25 July) there would have to be what I would call a central controlling date. Mid point between these two days is of course the Summer Solstices June 21st. There still had to be an overwhelming reason to offset the foundation of the pyramid.
Just because the Sun passes through the zenith vertically overhead at the latitude of Teotihuacan does not justify such an anomaly. It may well be though that the site was chosen because of its unique position on Earth to create the anomaly. It would seem to me that any location on Earth could justify such an anomaly if the architect was well verse in mathematics and astronomy.

There are 34 days on each side of the divide. This gives us a total of 68 days.

1) Now divide: 68  365 = 0.18630137, Note the first four numbers beyond the decimal: 1, 8, 6, 3.

2) Subtract: 365 - 68 = 297.

3) Now divide: 297  365 = 0.81369863, Note the first four numbers beyond the decimal: 8, 1, 3, 6.
This calculation can be rounded to 0.8137 but realistically it does not effect the symbolic results if 0.00009863 was deleted and rounded into the calculation. It is less than 4% of a day (0.036 of a day). It is not relevant to round it off. But it is more than coincidental that these two calculations mirror each other. It is obvious that they were chosen for that particular reason.
I am willing to hypothesize that there are places on Earth that can depict a spread of any group of days that are significant to the individual(s) building the monument or temple.
These four numbers “8, 1, 6, 3” are often seen in groups in other cultures at different times and different places.

On page #15 of Heaven’s Mirror you write in a small inset over the photograph overhead of the Pyramid of the Sun:
“The Pyramid of the Sun, believed by the Aztecs to be the original primeval mound marking the spot where creation itself was set in motion”.
This is a very interesting point that you make here in reference to the Pyramid of the Sun. It meets all the criteria of the present discussion. When we talk about the first word of Genesis: BERESHITH, we are talking about “where creation itself was set in motion”.
Is it that great of a coincidence that the Hebrew book begins with a mathematical nuance (1863) that placed creation into motion. At the same time we find in the Mexican Pyramid of the Sun not a similar idea but rather the exact same idea with the same mathematical nuance. That is beyond credulity. It is beyond coincidence that two like ideas emerge at the very exact point in their philosophies.

4) For the Zodiac in our calendar year we can see that the four signs with 30 days are Aries (1), Gemini (3), Virgo (6), Scorpio (8). This pattern actually creates a STAR OF DAVID in the calendar. These four signs sets up a pattern that can only be produce twice more with the other eight signs. Placing the three like patterns together creates the STAR OF DAVID.

Bonnie Gaunt who has written numerous books on mathematics from the bible and measurements of the Earth, Solar System, and monuments points out that 3, 1, 6, 8 are represent in the following.
Some of BONNIE GAUNT’S works:
A) JESUS CHRIST: The Number of His Name; The Amazing Number code Found in the Bible, 1998
B) BEGINNINGS: The Sacred Design, 1995
C) THE COMING OF JESUS: The REAL message of the Bible Codes!, 1999
5) Bethlehem of Judea sit at 31.68 North Latitude.
6) “Lord Jesus Christ” (in Greek) = 3168
7) “The Son of Man” (in Greek) = 3168
8) “Mediator between God and man” (in Greek) = 3168

Bonnie Gaunt does not display any knowledge of STAR OF DAVID in the Zodiac Calendar in any of her books. Though I’ve been in touch with her since reading several of her books. I not mentioned hardly any of Bonnie Gaunt’s mention of 3168 number in relationship to the earth and distance from the sun and moon because I wanted to talk about one particular aspect of the number.

Dante Alighieri uses the same mathematics in the Zodiac year to structure his mathematics in his La Divina Commedia.

Also mentioned the first word of Genesis: Bereshith, in previous post. This word also produced a pattern of 1, 3, 6, 8.

The point that I am making here is that these four numbers in a group apparently represent some sort of paradigm which is used by different cultures in different time periods.

A) Zodiac Year formatting the “Star of David”
A1) Obviously discovered sometime prior to the writing of Genesis.
B) Genesis first word: BERESHITH
B1) Written about 1500 BC
B2) There is a system of 1584 cycles implied in the first chapter of Genesis. I will not go into them here but it is worth mentioning that the cycle just before the word Bereshith also depict this very same grouping of 1, 3, 6, 8 but from the Calendar Year’s perspective. In fact just two cycles forward to that cycle is another cycle which spreads out over the first two days of creation but from the Zodiac perspective. That is now three examples in the first chapter of Genesis. Such redundancy is proof of deliberate intent of the author.
C) Location of Bethlehem of Judea
C1) Prophesied about 1000 BC which had to come from the Genesis paradigm
D) New Testament writers encrypting the names of Jesus Christ
D1) Written about 100 AD again coming from the Genesis paradigm
E) Teotihuacan’s dominant structure, the Pyramid of the Sun
E1) circa 1000 to 1500 years ago (maybe millenniums older)
F) Dante Alighieri “La Divina Commedia”
F1) Written about 1300-1321 AD again coming from the Genesis paradigm


Bill Meegan

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