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I was most intrigued by Graham's proposal that (some) survivors of a lost civilisation founded a 'monastery' in Egypt and lived there until the indigenous people were 'ready' for their wisdom. Am I right on this?

Was the monastery therefore in existence for c.8000 years? Were its inhabitants not in any contact with the predynastic peoples of Egypt until the Old Kingdon period?

Were they involved with the invention of writing? Or were THEY preliterate?

Was it they who preserved the data - in degrees - concerning the belt stars of Orion. Intriguing possibility!

Is there any reference to this monastery in Egyptian writings? Surely its people would have paid taxes.

Where are its archaeological remains: they must be quite extensive, unless the population was completely static over many millennia. Was it? Surely an unlikely proposal? Did they not bake bread like the pyramid builders?

Why did they wait here: did they know the course civilisation would take in the Nile Valley?

Were such monasteries established elsewhere by these survivor peoples: in the Mesoamerican region for example?

This is surely one of the most remarkable proposals about Ancient Egypt - far more significant than any pyramid/star correlation. Anyone with an interest in Graham's work must want to know much much more.

Perhaps John West would be willing to organise trips to see the site.

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