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Well, Graham posted the message twice in different threads, and one of the posts had the typo "three" instead of "these". Graham asked me to correct it before anyone (dare I say, like Dr. E) decided to waste a whole lot of space with some criticism of Graham's ability to count.

When I think how is it is for someone (dare I say, like Dr. E) to jeopardise a potentially good thread, I'm so desperate to swear, but can't as then I'd have to censor my own post, and that would translate into nearly as a big a waste of time as Dr. E's fantastic rebuttal of Graham's existence based on a typo.

In general, I'm keen to have people from all over the world contribute to this site, and so there are bound to be errors of all kinds in the language. I hope that as a matter of decency and common-sense, we won't make an issue of of these, and instead focus on the message itself. [This bit obviously isn't aimed at you Bryan, it's for Dr. E, once he's finished proof-reading my posts!]

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