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Perhaps Garrett would agree to edited highlights of your private discussions that pertain directly to C14 dating? (the editing process agreed upon by both of you - thus maintaining an editorial control over publication)

Open debate can be heated enough BUT private debates in my experience are even worse and can include very colourful language and colourful accusations which I suppose is undesirable on this message board considering recent sentiments of the message board readers.

Perhaps in a few private emails you can thrash out an agreement on what should be included and what should not be included. This way the C14 debate can have a basis for continuation. Perhaps you could even include an agreed upon third party in order to oversee the process and guarantee that both sides are fairly treated.

If Garrett does not agree to this then I would still understand. Private email is intended to be exactly that. But perhaps his concerns over his privacy can be dealt with by agreement over the content of publication.

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