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Hi Forum folks,

Nice to see a few old names without faces yet combing over those old pyramid ruins like ants on a sugar cube, in search of the key to everything, LOL! Just thought I'd toss this cube into the mix.

Earth's surface at 2220 x 88800 sq.miles = 197,136,000sq.mi. / 640sq. = 481.2890 sq.mi. sectors. Look familiar? A scale of 1ft./1mi. factor. Ever seen anything like it? It gives a good RC unit of 1.71888etc. ft. and subsequent base value of GP of 3024ft. at true PI. Give or take a few hundredths, LOL!

Have fun!
Stephen Dail

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the world is a chessboard 182 magisterchessmutt 24-Jan-06 07:02

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