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Let's consider a length 10 x a ancient meters we convert it to modern meters:

y = 10 x a am = 0.0729959 meters

Let's now enclose a square with a side length equal to Khaphre pyramid mean base length into a circle. Doing this we now take an arc on the circle equal to the length mentioned earlier y. We now compute the internal angle(center of circle) that "sees" this arc:

C = 215.26246 m x root(2) x pi = 956.38591 meters

the angle t is:

t = (y/C) x 360 degrees = (0.0729959/956.38591) x 360 degrees = 0.0274769 degrees

But Petrie's first computation of the pyramid's height is:

h1 = 5664.3" = 274.8 royal cubits

We now convert to minutes and seconds of arc:

t = 0.0274769 degrees = 1' 38.9"

Maragioglio, V. & Rinaldi, C. :

"The mean orientation of the base with respect to the geographical north is — 5’26” west. Petrie (Pyr. and Temples, etc., cit., p. 97) noted that during the construction a systematic error was committed, so that the pyramid presents a torsion in a clockwise direction amounting, in the upper part, to 1’40”."

Now I don't think that 1' 38.9" is far from 1’40”.

Let's now look at it a different way:
1’40” = 0.0277778 degrees = 1/36 degrees

Let's look at the inverse of the fine structure constant again:

1/a = 137.03599911 close to 137 + 36/100

Thus the turn was not an error it was intentional.

I like those pyramids with a twist...

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