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To everyone,

God? Hmmm! This word has been a source of confusion since I was a child. God. Who was God? In Sunday school he was a finger wagging dude with long white hair and a beard. In my Teens he became an energy, a force, which conflicted with my Christian upbringing.

My inner self whispered that there was more to the story told in the bible. More to the scriptures on a Sunday morning. More to it than those guys in black with the white collars, preaching how life should be according to a judgmental God.

As a young man of 20 something I threw God out the window. How could there be an all-powerful all knowing, all caring God that wished us well? The world was at a point of near mass destruction. Remember the cold war, all those nuclear warheads pointing at each other, and still are to some respects. Was this a joke on Gods behalf, after all said and done we where his lost children remember.

Hmmm. God?

Now as a man of 34 I sit here looking at the world and asking where is God? Man is obsessed with technology and advancement at any cost including life it’s self.

But then on New years 2000...

For one brief moment there was peace, the whole world sat waiting for the end as the clocks ticked over. For the first time in our recorded history the whole world was focused on a peaceful outcome. As the world turned and each time zone welcomed the new millennium, we all sighed inside, that we, as a human race had passed the counter. The New Year came and we all went about our daily life’s.

So what now. We made it past the so-called end of the world, the Second Coming etc. so what now?


When you take a step back and look at our history on this planet you have to wonder did we really start here? Did human life really start on this rock, 3rd from the sun in what we call our solar system. One of thousands in our galaxy, which again is only one in millions of other galaxies and celestial objects in the universe.

The odds alone suggest that there has to be other physical life forms within our realm of existence. By that I refer to the wavelength that we project our physical selves upon. Other beings that started from some origin or another.

The distance between another life form and us could be light-years in distance or in time. Our race may only exist for a brief moment in the time of the universe, only to turn up again on another rock some millions of years in the future, evolving to a point of realisation that we are apart of the whole. We came from the universe, whether it be on this planet or another, in this time or another, life is a product of the universe. How can you look at the stars and not see the life and beauty that is everywhere.

We have been conditioned to a way of thinking that tells us, all has to be physical to be real, we are also of a race that uses our visual input over any other sense. So what we see we generally believe, even if it is wrong.

You, I and everyone that has gone through the western schooling system has been brainwashed into this physical thinking. Science, math, think this, no don’t think like that.

A good example of this is with global maps. Get a copy of a modern map, now compare it to a map from the last 100 years and notice the difference in the landmasses compared to how they actually sit in the modern map.

If you have an American map you should notice that the US is a lot larger than the rest of the countries on the map, if you have an imperial English map you will notice that England is shown to be quiet larger!

Myself as a kid looked at a map of the world before we moved to Australia and England was larger than Europe!. Throughout the states they have these maps hanging on the school walls showing the US as this huge country with many smaller nations around it. Would you believe that Africa is smaller than Texas!

As kids we are taught that the world is a certain way, and those that don’t expand their knowledge when they leave high school, which is a get number of us, are stuck in the turmoil of our preset conditioning.

I hope to break free from this modelling we have all been taught, please join me on my journey, my search for some truth in this world of lies we have all created.



'Flame away...'

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