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I first read Von Daniken was i was a kid and those drawings of aliens used to scare me.They do look awfully sisister and i wonder if ancient people high on drugs and black magic painted them whilst in a trance.Even today,godless savages retreat dep into caves to "meditate" ie.hypnotise themselves and end up seeing all manner of weird things.The other possible explanation is that flight ala Vimana style did infact take place and all kinds of inventions amazed those hearing nothing of them before.Modern day savages have built temples out of plane wreakage.They were thus venerated as Gods with their wisdom.
But as to whether much would remain in the distant future if we died out,look at the Planet of the Apes! Someone told me once that when the audience first saw the apes in the film,it erupted with laughter! So much for primative man.
Unfortunately,many theorists tend to think of ancient people in their own image,being slow in thought and taking forever to decide after all the paper writing,that we do actually exist! They wouldn't stop to consider if human ingenuity is as fat as it has been this 200 years,given very favourable conditions and that we did in fact learn for ourselves..

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