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Recently, on American television, there was a show based on Erech von Daniken's (did I spell that right? I can never remember) book, Chariots of the Gods, with the man himself being interviewed. Did anyone else see it? Wowwee, what a whacko! I find his theories annoying because they espouse the concept that we humans are just too damned stupid to have accomplished certain amazing feats all by ourselves. We couldn't have built the pyramids or the Sphinx--we were too unsophisticated. We couldn't have constructed various mounds all over North America, or Stonehenge and other monuments all over the British Isles--we were way too primitive. We couldn't have learned about precession, the existence of all the planets, and other heavenly phenomena--we were too uneducated. We must have had help from superintelligent beings from another planet, who were so wonderful and sophisticated and perfect that they taught us everything we now know. I've heard these ideas from many people, not just von Daniken, and they are quite ridiculous.

You know, some day in the future, long after our present civilizations have crumbled into ruins from natural disasters or nuclear war or both, archeologists will discover the remnants of our technological wonders: our superhighways, our skyscrapers, our vast shopping malls and carparks and amusement parks; all the marvelous things that we imagined with our own minds and created with our own hands. And you know what some of those future discovers will say? "They couldn't possibly have done all this by themselves--they must have had help from extraterrestrials!"

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