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Certainly, especially considering the consequences of not doing anything to counter such abusive <a href="[];.

Notice the malicious imputation perpetrated by the Horizon Programme. At the end of transcript 1, (28th October 1999), Prof. Colin Renfrew (University of Cambridge) states:
<b>It is dangerous when people have myths about their own past which have no foundation in reality. We've seen myths of that kind in our own time have tragic consequences. The National Socialist in Germany, the Nazis, had the notion o Aryan supremacy and the holocaust was built on pernicious myths of that kind."</b>

Then Dilly Barlow, narrator adds: <b>The Nazi idea of an Aryan elite is well documented. What is less well known is that prominent Nazis believed that the master originated in Atlantis. One of the most passionate believers was Heinrich Himmler, ead of the SS. Himler directed Germany scientist to seek the descendants of the Atlantian super-race in places fom the Andes o Tibet. They scrutitinised the physical features of the natives in search of any shred of evidence to support Himmler's notion that his Aryan ancestors, the Atlantians, had lived tere. These claims to an ancestral heritage in Atlantis fed the Nazis belief in the supremacy of the Aryan master race."</b> Ken Feder follows with similar comments.

Then, the malicious imputation is made clear: Horizon introduces Hancock's work on Atlantis! They employ a series of "techniques" to cary out their defamation. For a review of those techniques, see []. Also, please refer to "Propaganda" main page, very educational.

You might one to check Rand Flem-Ath's response to the BBC Horizon Special at []. (Sorry, but I cannot get it to link). Excerpts from Flem-Ath:
<b>Archeologist Colin Renfrew's appraisal of the Atlantis hypothesis in Part One of the BBC's Horizon series is really unworthy of a man whose life has been dedicated to science. He begins by labeling the idea as 'cods wallop'. Dr. Renfrew has every right to his opinion.

But then the Professor gets down in the gutter and resorts to tactics that would make Joseph McCarthy blush. Are we to believe that because the Nazis held a delusional fantasy about Atlantis then the rest of us had better not even consider the idea seriously or we will somehow succumb to the power of the Third Reich? ...Then he responds to Ken Feder's statement...
Read this words carefully. On one hand he claims that he (FEDER) is not smearing anyone that believes in Atlantis as being a potential Nazi but on th other hand this is precisely the impression that is left in the viewer's mind. Who really has the propensity towards authoritarian thinking here? The danger is not exploring the idea of Atlantis but in the arrogance of a "don" who would presume to dictate what the rest of us are "better off" knowing.

Hey- the Nazis were evil fanatics who happened to clutch onto an idea that they thought served their purpose. This doesn't mean that everything about Atlantis becomes the sole property of the Nazis or that everyone who investigates anomalies in science that can be explained by that idea are also Nazis. Give me a break - this is really low and unworthy of the BBC. It is revealing that the producers decided to end the programme with such a cheap shot."</b>

Had the Horizon Programme been aired in the USA, they would have been toast! I believe they would have been subject to "hate" crime statutes. See [].

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