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Nov 8th: BBC refuses Hancock's requests to publish full Horizon interview transcripts and meet his critics in live TV debate

We've just heard from John Lynch, Creative Director of Science at the BBC, that the BBC will not facilitate a live uncensored television debate involving Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and the people who criticised them in the BBC Horizon documentary, Atlantis Reborn. Neither will the BBC give permission for Hancock to publish full, unedited transcripts of the interviews he gave to Horizon producer, Chris Hale.

Hancock made these two requests in an attempt to return to the debate a proper degree of transparency, following the Broadcasting Standards Commission's finding of unfairness in a BBC documentary which attacked his theories.

To quote Lynch's letter, the BBC does not "believe that it is appropriate to create an additional programme on the subject" and is "afraid also that it is not the BBC's usual policy to approve the publication of interview transcripts, either in whole or in part".

You'll soon be able to see the full e-mail and Graham's reply to it in our BBC correspondence page, in the Horizon Scandal section.

If you wish to send any comments/suggestions to the BBC, please send them to John Lynch, Creative Director, Science, at and copy to Mark Thompson, Director of Television at the BBC at

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