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Thanks for the reply!

Regarding the "Sweet Sixteen" reference, I had come across one of his pamphlets/books on the web (I believe these can be ordered from the Coral Castle website, but I have not done so as of yet). Reading through the text, it seemed to me that the refernces to Sweet Sixteen were not of his fiance (honestly, I thought of "sweet spot" as I was reading it, and re-read the text playing with that metaphor in mind). I thought of his careful selection for the location of his castle both times.

This drifted out of my thoughts until I saw a show on I believe the Travel Channel, and the end of the show had a brief mention that in Ed's writings, his mention of "how to raise a young girl" (which came across very chauvinistic in Ed's writing) may perhaps be a code (i.e. - how to raise a large stone...). This made me think back to the Sweet Sixteen concept I thought of earlier, as it is a supposed refernce to his fiance. Perhaps, I thought, there is a connection there.

I believe, if the importance of location to Ed played a direct role in his ability to raise these large stones, then perhaps this was true for the builders of the ancient megalithic sites. I have seen many refernces to an ancient grid or blueprint used for the distribution of all these far-reaching but similar constuctions throughout the planet in ancient times. If the raising and placing of large stones is dependent on location, then this may be something to follow up on.

Ed Leedskalnin fascinates me mostly because he did this in modern times, and this may be the best link we have to find out about the past. I think it would be very interesting to find out about Ed's past. Surprisingly, there are almost no books available on this man.

I'd love to know of any web or pprint references you could direct me to, and look forward to continuing this topic.


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