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One of the reasons I moved down to Florida was to do extensive research into the mystery of Ed, and his uncanny ability to build this wonderment. I will be a major contributor to a Ed Leedskalnin tread.

There is one thing that I wish I could find out about Ed. Where in Europe did Ed learn his masonary skills. I have been doing compare and contrast research into ancient masonic ledgend going back as far as the pillars of Enoch. I have gathered clues from mathematical ancient architecture that is reflected in Gothic European design. I think a clue to Ed is if someone can trace his footsteps before he came to america. I haven't heard much about hidden meanings in the term "Sweet Sixteen". I would love for you to elaborate any informaiton on that theory.

Some say he knew techniques for making highly advanced simple machines. Some say anti-gravity/mind over matter. Whatever it maybe, it wasn't natural, as many specials have displayed heavy cranes straining to move and manipulate stones roughly the same weight, and size that Ed worked with alone.

Good thread..I hope to contribute to this topic freaquently.


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