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I'd like to start a section on Ed Leedskalnin, as I think his Coral Castle and his explanation on his building techniques (he claims to know how the pyramids were built) have a direct bearing on Graham's area of research.

Particularly, I feel his refernce to 'Sweet Sixteen' is not to his former fiance, but rather to a sort of energy grid based upon the Earth (perhaps a hamonic?). He chose the location for his castle very meticulously, and did the same when he had to move everything. I wonder if this has anything to do with the locations of other megalithic and the like sites throughout the world. While I am not familiar with the energy grid theories, I do find it interesting that he scouted his site before beginning the work. Seems to echo the placement of other ancient sites, and perhaps could shed light on the reasons behind this.

For those not aware of Ed Leedskalnin and the Coral Castle, check out the website at: <a href="[]; </a>


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