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Hi Sky,

I think that our history does keep changing, depending on our perception at each moment in time.

Isn't it true that you go through life thinking in one way and it seems that everyone is also thinking that way. Then suddenly something flashes inside you and something deep within you changes. For a time, you feel out of sync with the rest of the world and then bit by bit you meet someone with the same ideas, then another, then another. Pretty soon your whole world has changed and many of the people around you have changed too. Your old world has gone and the new one gives you such a high that you can't believe that all the people around you can't feel it too.

As our consciousness alters, new perceptions of our past are awoken. I think that there are certain people who are able to put these perceptions into words in such a way as to cause panic amongst the old die-hards, who still inhabit the 'old' world.
I think that Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and John Anthony West, amongst others, have this perception and know how to put their messages into words.

Those of us who find that their messages resonate with our own new consciouness become followers and those who do not, become frightened and try to fight back. They too, have started to receive their own flashes and resist the changes that are coming.

After many years of feeling lost, I started to come to terms with
the sensation that what I was being told by the 'establishment' was not quite true. After shedding my old life, I started to delve into metaphysics and then I discovered Egypt!! That was a major turning point in my life and I started to read everything that I could on 'alternative' Egypt. I know that Graham, Robert and John really 'live' their belief in an ancient civilisation. It's not just a way of making money - it's a way of life!

My life has also changed as a result of my search for the truth and I'd like to thank all three of them for their part in helping me find my way. I now 'know' that there was an ancient civilisation too far back for much of the evidence to be discovered but I can't prove it. I don't need to!

Good luck Graham. I hope that you win your battle!

love and light,

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