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Garrett, CSICOP et al
Please don't tar us all with the same brush.

There are many unreasonable, speculative and rude people who participate in this board on both sides of the argument(s). There are many others who seek to extend their knowledge and understanding of a fascinating subject area while not necessarily agreeing with every word presented here.

It is disingenuous to assume that no-one here has, or is capable of using more than a few gray cells, academic or not.

I, for one, enjoy the debate here and am led to question the validity of BOTH sides of the various arguments, particularly when everyone is so keen to assert that they are 'right' and everyone else is wrong, misguided or fraudulent. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether we agree with it or not. Your arguments, and those of CSICOP et al are interesting and rightly make others question what they hear from other sources in order to come to a balanced conclusion, but derision, scorn and rash generalisation do not belong in the debating chamber.

If only I had the time and resources to study these subjects properly instead of merely trying to satisfy my own curiosity and interest.


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