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To me it seems that not that many people on this site unequivocally agree with Grahams point of view, many are very interested in his point of view, many think he is onto something, but few are totally sold. Most of us are questioning, and exploring the evidence. I.E. we have open minds and are able to consider what he says as possibilities.

You and your ilk however are here for one reason, to cause argument and muddy the waters. By fully backing the orthodox view your only achievements are to stir up disagreement, forcing artificial black and white arguments, with all those who are interested in Grahams work coming down on his side, because they feel their freedom to think originally being threatened.

Do you think the past is sorted, do you think that we have all the major stuff sorted out? if so why? there is not enough evidence to be absolutely certain about much of history. What is believed to be solid evidence today could quite easily be over turned in the future. It has happened before and it will happen again. Many Victorians thought that everything had been sorted. And they have already been proved wrong.

To Everyone:
Since I've used 'we', can others please back me up (or not) as you please.
Do you totally agree with Graham/Robert, agree with some, and find what he says interesting, or do you totally disagree.

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