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Dear all,

There appears to be an issue of what is regarded as fact when in reality it is only a theory. (Hope this is going to make some sense!)

During my school years, in history and religious education classes, both subjects were treated as fact.
My history teacher, Mr Longden (R.I.P); a strict disciplinarian; convinced us that Darwin had proved that evolution was true; and when i 'stupidly' questioned why man hadn't recently evolved wings to eliminate the need for aircraft, I found myself cleaning the corridors for a month!
My R.E. teacher, a religious nut if ever there was one, preached the bible as fact. When questioned about the contradiction of 'not worshipping false gods or effigies...(the actual biblical text alludes me at present)' from the O.T and how most modern religions worship an effigy of the cross. i again was given corridor duties.

So, my point is...the reason people find it difficult to accept the questions and theories raised by Mr. Hancock and friends and fight like hell to cast them as frauds or heretics is because, while we are young and eager to learn , teachers play a major part in moulding us into adults with institutionalised and often incorrect ideals.

Stephen Dyson.

(sorta makes

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