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at last Mr Fagan, good to hear from you.

you said
>Buildings, burials, writings, you name it, it's there.

your of course right it is all there, but "most" of it is
you have to agree though is speculation and interpretation.

the book of the dead, the bible, hyroglyphs, egyptian/ mayan.
building interpretation - unless catagorically backed up by indisputable text interpretation.

You may think I'm an avid Hancock fan with no independant thought
I assure you I am not, but I do like what he has to put forward, and I'm grateful to him in a way for being the one to stand up and be counted, he and others like him have stretched the imagination of "possibilities" that, like the books you refer to, seem to lack or purposly leave out.

I have read many books on history and other things, I keep an open mind, dissmiss nothing untill proven otherwise, even your side of the arguament, but sadley your side proves nothing either just alternative hypothisis', there's no right or wrong here, just alternative views, both can hold water.

the trouble is futher back in time its obvious to anyone the "evidence" for want of a better word, is harder to find, the world isn't a geologically stable, features in the landscape change, the San Andreas fault, volcanoes, ice ages, floods,rivers change courses, who knows what has been lost, maybe, like you say in a sense - nothing, but NOBODY is sure are they.

Can you honestly put hand on heart and say you know exactly what has gone before - i don't think anybody can, even Mr hancock.

All possibilites are relevant, why not work it out together and be done with it once and for all - either way, i don't care, all Im after is some kind of truth - aren't we all?

geoff Stocks

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