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Hello mr. Fagan and mr. Hancock,

I too would really like to say the full email correspondance of Fagan and Hancock. I urge mr. Fagan to allow mr. Hancock to put all of it on this message board. As for what I have read of the discussion it seems to me that mr. Fagan has to do better. I also cant't quite see what mr. Fagan is trying to achieve here? Has he been to all the sites like mr. Hancock? Has he done some research himself? I guess not, or am I wrong?

Mr. the idea of a lost civilasation so impossible?
Surely you must know that no one believed Troje really existed,... untill it was discovered.

What evidence can you produce to state that there could NOT have been an advanced lost civilasation? Actually it would be a very logical answer to some unsolved problems in the fields of archaeology and antropology.

You might just be able to ignore every clue individually, but looking at all the clues and signs and placing them in a global picture (ie. a lost civilasation fe.), even you must see something is the matter. I can't say it's all evidence, but they are surely clues and in following these clues one day real evidence might appear.

Anyway, I believe that one day evidence will surface that either makes you look like a fool,...or us. Untill that day, I believe the clues are on our side.


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