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Please see the thread "NAZIS?" where I have posted this message in response to a disgusting post from Carlos:


I am disgusted and offended by your email and strongly resent the fact that you have made use of this site to promote Nazi propaganda. By being here you tarnish everything we stand for and everything we are trying to do. I feel literally soiled, as though I've been smeared with @!#$, after checking out one of the links you posted.

Any further postings from you in this vein will be edited out as soon as they are spotted -- although I will leave this message of yours, and my reply, so that others who think like you will be left in no doubt as to my position. I have, however, instructed my webmaster to disable the links you provide.

Where a dark, turbulent, infectious and vicious evil like Nazism is concerned I DO believe in censorship and I will not allow Nazism, in any form, to have a voice here.

I believe that human beings are essentially spirit -- these bodies we wear are just suits of clothes. Because we are essentially spirit we are connected to wider spiritual forces and our behaviour may, as the Gnostics know (and I regard myself as a sort of Gnostic), be the fulcrum on which far larger matters hinge. I believe that there are forces of good and evil at work in the universe and that the Nazi act of genocide against the Jews vastly strengthened the power of evil and brought down a pall of darkness on the human race.

If human beings wish to win through to the good, evil must be opposed at every turn -- in small ways and big ways. It must always be stood up to. It must always be fought. It must NEVER be accommodated or appeased or tolerated for even a single second. Every person has the choice whether to behave evilly towards others or not. But when a person chooses evil his or her act strengthens evil in the universe. How terrible, therefore, when an entire nation is beguiled into evil by a demon like Hitler.

So Carlos, no more of this please. Are you a Nazi? If you are, then you will certainly pay a price in the next life for the accommodation with evil that you have made in this one.

Nobody gets away with anything in the end. Read the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Graham Hancock

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