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What i have to say is going to be hard ..but it is true..
We respond mostly by facial expressions and body language...
As a believer in one creator, and having been an intermediary
for others,to bring comfort..i found this influence being "twisted" into spiritual revelation!...its not ,,its awareness
and calculated response to the factors at hand...
Now dreams are different...and i am glad they happen..we cant control a dream..and no one can be validated as a dreamer or prophet.. until it wonder they stoned prophets!!!
The great difficulty now is through modern communication cannot see the persons expression!..only here their words..
hard to assertain the truth isn't it...
The weird and wonderfull thing about Grahams post ,is that my
descernment is more "ACTIVE"...because i can't see who's talking!
Information is a "TRICKY" thing... one say's thanks for the input!
The other kills you in his mind!!!

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