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The knowledge I spoke of was in relation to the past actions, thoughts & ways of out ancient ancestors. Another part of the knowledge I beleive is the ability that many people have to read other peoples emotions & feelings. For example if you pass somebody in the shopping centre & you can feel how unhappy they are, or looking at the television & thinking "they're lieing". I believe the knowledge is part of the collective understanding & as more people believe & start to understand it, the stronger the abilties will become.
I am greatly interested in Indigo Children & maybe their is some link between the people from Teotihucan, Giza, Angkor & the Indigo Children. Maybe the Indigo are not "ET's" as many people claim, but just decendents of these extraordinary people from the missing time.
Another "mad mans" comment perhaps, but just from feeling I believe this to be true.
Of course again I have absolutley no way of proving it. It is sad that today, with our "advanced" way of living that we as inhabitants of this world seem to revel in ripping people apart & channeling all arguments to a negative reaction.
We will learn how to use our gifts again, but with too many negative & arrogant people in the world today, I am afraid this won't be in my lifetime.


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