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Yes Cindy.. its like a "primmer" in a sequential series or a "catalyst"... our determination to "go for it" is all that is needed!
something beyond our understanding is at work in us and around us..
and guess what ..there's an intellegence behind it all!
It's to bad that organized religion drives mankind in this direction
through fear mostly.. and the common result is "selfishness and
personal gain"...
In the bible.. JOHN THE BAPTIST AND JESUS BOTH LEPT in their mothers
wombs when the women came together...their SPIRITS recognized each other..
An interesting quote from the bible...Before you were born I KNEW YOU!
there is an " awakening " taking place in the earth..what is not know at this point is why?...are we being readied for something?...are we
being forewarned, inorder to surmount what is coming...
After resting with the concept of being a spirit - housed in a tempral
body..understanding that your life is being shaped and molded to full-
fill its destiny comes easy!
Grahams post is exciting to me,as i am able to listen and enter in to
"THE STIRRING" that is present in so many...



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