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You're no 'head-case'! Many people feel the way you do and are not ashamed to admit it to the world. I call it
'the knowing'. It cannot be defined, it just is and that's enough for me.
Somewhere deep inside us there is a distant memory that occasionally makes it's presence felt and then just
as you feel the fog clearing inside your head, it disppears again - until the next time. I think that we all have
'the knowing' but many people are too busy listening to the worldly noises that surround them and do take the
time to listen to their hearts.
Personally, I think that the world's governments, the various organised religions and the multi-national
companies do a pretty good job in keeping the masses under their power with their garbage television,
advertising and the fear of God. Don't get me wrong - it's not that I don't believe in a God, I do believe
very strongly that there is a God but not the wrathful God portrayed by certain organised religions. We are all
responsible for our own lives and the way that we are and what we put out to the world is what counts, not
going to church to make our confession to someone who puts himself (no women allowed!) between us and
our God. We are the ones who will make the world better, not those who have the power.
Be who you really are, do what you have to do and be true to yourself and listen to the memories inside.
because they are the real truth. Get in touch with your God - it's really inside you!

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